Happy New Year with Donuts!

Got a dozen donuts on New Year's Eve morning and ate them all. Well, there was one left... I'm not sure if I was proud or ashamed. OK, Lisa and Terri helped, but still, I had at least five. I beat myself up for awhile with the appropriate self-loathing talk-- which ranted and raved for quite a while, snowballing from "Why did you even BUY the donuts you dumb-ass, you know you have no self-control," to "Christ, couldn't you have stopped after two?" to "You have now ruined the rest of the day you sugar-coma sloth!" escalating to "What have you even accomplished this year come to think of it?" and "There is only seven hours left til midnight, and what do you have to show for 2020, you lazy fat donut-roll!?" And then I decided to stop. Take a breath and switch the train track in the brain to drive down the nice side. It's all just a matter of perspective. I had to really focus, and did have some champagne with the donuts so it was a slow start but I finally got the train rolling down the right side! "Those were some of the best donuts I've had in years!" to "My goodness, it has been years since I even HAD a donut! How fun to splurge now and then!" to "What a great way to end 2020- cram sugar in your face with your friends, and kiss it goodbye!" Onward and upward! Be kind to yourself this year. And once in awhile, it's OK to have donuts.