I Am Woman

I am recording "I Am Woman" and it's sounding amazing! I decided to track the song a while ago, after performing it live at a Women's March I did in Seal Beach. It got such a fabulous response and I've always been a fan of Helen Reddy-- my mom actually listened to her back in the 70s! With Helen Reddy's passing in 2020, this will be very timely-- not sure if y'all have seen the documentary on her, and the actual movie now out on Netflix-- check it out! I will be releasing a video with the song picturing powerful women, of all ages and races and backgrounds, from sports to music, politics, activism, and more-- and wow, it is so inspiring! We added live drums last week, by bringing in drummer Jorgen Ingmar, who is awesome! Finally, I wanted to have a bunch of female vocals at the very end-- last chorus-- so I have invited a bunch of my fellow singer- songwriter friends to participate. I am so thrilled to be collaborating like, especially now, when we are all so isolated. I can't wait to announce all the women participating, but for now, here are the first two, the fabulous Krysta Carson and Tanya Tassi! It's so cool we are able to record remotely and then put it all together-- Krysta is in Everett, Washington, and Tanya is in Palm Springs, CA: