Off Road in the Jeep!

My new Jeep is proving to be all the fun it promised! I am slowly pimping it out to be the Mobile Machine I envision: speakers mounted on the tailgate and some stage lights in the bed. The graphic design wrap will be installed next Tuesday, and it now has running boards. I am admittedly a novice Jeep-owner though, when it comes to off-roading. In fact, I couldn't even get it into 4-wheel drive. I went back to the dealer and asked them to show me. It turns out I just had to be a little rougher with it and jam it in. So, when Lisa and I spent a few days in Palm Springs I figured I should try it out off-road! But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I am a real pansy... what if my new Jeep got a scratch?? A ding!? And my gosh, it will get so DIRTY! I needed to save face with my friends, so I tried to act cool and flip about any possible danger to my sweet new pristine baby. We drove down the 111 and I veered off the safe asphalt into the unknown desert. It was... bumpy, and well, exhilarating! We made it to a mountain and got out for some photos-- the Jeep looks happy. In her element. She's been broken in! And she is DIRTY!  I guess I could get into this off-road thing. But not too crazy... no dings. After all, it's really just a Mobile Music machine!